Connecting Young People to Opportunities - Service Description

lottery fundedConnecting Young People to Opportunities is a project managed by Care Link West Midlands and funded by Big Lottery Fund (Reaching Communities Programme). It provides a floating support service for young refugee Care Leavers, to enable them to develop or maintain their skills to live independently in society.

Applicants must -

    • Be 18+ years of age,
    • Refugees with UK status and recourse to public funds,
    • Reasonably demonstrate that they do not pose an unsupportable risk to themselves or other service users

We accept referrals from individuals, support workers, social workers, GPs, solicitors and welfare organisations. We encourage any prospective service users to visit us first and meet the staff for further information on the availability of the service, and the service delivery details.

Where required and as part of the support offered, Care Link West Midlands can identify and arrange for sign post to more appropriate support services if those services are not available within Care Link West Midlands support package. 

How the support needs of potential service users are assessed?

  • New clients present themselves to our offices at Flat 1, 130  Cape Hill
    Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 4PH (0121-565-2612) where their eligibility is checked and photocopies are taken of Home Office status letters, NASS 35 paperwork, JSA book and Travel documents.
  • One of Care Link West Midlands staff will assist the potential service user to complete the initial application form and they will then be given a copy.
  • Assuming the applicant meets Care Link West Midlands criteria, then arrangements are made for:-
    1. An in-depth interview where the applicants support service needs are discussed and agreed – a copy of this document is given to the applicant
    2. If applicant does not meet the criteria, then the initial application request is filed and the applicant is referred onto other agencies, until and when a vacancy occurs. This is explained to the applicant. Advice will be given as where to go for support.
    3. Should there be a need for an interpreter at either of the above, then this will be arranged
  • As appropriate, a letter of acceptance is given to the applicant.
  • As soon as the new service user joins the programme an induction arrangement is carried out with the service user, which involves going through the Complaints procedures, Emergency arrangements etc. A signature is obtained from the service user to cover for this.
  • As soon as is possible after Induction, a further interview with the service user occurs and based upon the earlier Needs assessment, a Support Plan is completed and signed by both support worker and the service user. A copy of this is given to the service user.

How the service is delivered?

The service is normally delivered on a one to one basis session. Regular support planning sessions are held and ongoing assessments are made as to the service users changing needs requirements.  These sessions are carried out on the basis of reasonable choices/options being made available to the service user and are supplemented by phone conversations and (as appropriate) at group ‘house meetings’.

Where necessary, the service user is also directed to other places where specialist advice can be given such as Neighbourhood Offices, Job Centres, Surgeries etc

Compulsory components of the service

The availability of the service user to attend the ongoing support planning sessions is of paramount importance. The support plan is regularly revised based upon the changing circumstances and needs of the service user and therefore requires his/her complete co-operation.

Also the service user must continues to demonstrate that they pose no unsupportable risk to either other service users or Care Link West Midlands or its staff.

Any service user who consistently does not meet these standards will risk having their support stopped or withdrawn.

Limitations placed on service users’ choices

Care Link West Midlands aims to offer service users all reasonable choices/options that are available to other citizens of the U.K. However due to funding constraints this has to be limited to what is payable within the Big Lottery contract.

What service users can expect and what is expected from them

Service User’s ‘rights and responsibilities’ are explained to them as part of Care Link West Midlands Induction process.

Care Link West Midlands strives to ensure that each service user receives a quality support service that is geared to their evolving support needs and expects in turn that each service user will fully co-operate with their allocated support worker, maintain the standards of behavior agreed at the start of their support agreement and also comply with any laws that are set by society. 

What the service expects to achieve

The service user should expect to receive guidance and support in the development of a range of ‘life skills’ and therefore expect to achieve the ability to maintain a useful and better independent life.

Care Link West Midlands values

Care Link West Midlands is committed to equality of opportunity and fairness of treatment to all sectors of society, irrespective of gender, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, sexuality, age , disability or religion.

It expects its staff members and service users to adhere to these principles and any persons who cannot accept this, risks (within the constraints of UK law) their support provision/tenancy agreement or Care Link West Midlands employment being terminated.

Equally violent or threatening behavior (by staff members or service users) is not acceptable.

Abstinence while receiving our support

Care Link West Midlands expects its service users not to be in possession of drugs (unless prescribed by a doctor) or any other form of substance contrary to the laws of the UK

Where a service user has a history of substance abuse (e.g. drugs, alcohol etc), Care Link West Midlands will ‘signpost’ that service user to another agency where additional support can be provided

Also it expects is its service users not to carry weapons (guns or knives).


Membership is open to individuals over eighteen or organisations who are approved by the Trustees.

The Trustees may only refuse an application for membership if, acting reasonably and properly, they consider it to be in the best interests of the Charity to refuse the application. There is a membership application available. A copy of this application may be requested by phoning our office on 0121 565 2612.

The Trustees will inform the applicant in writing of the reasons for the refusal within twenty-one days of the decision.

Once membership is approved, the details of the new member will be kept in our register of names and addresses of the members which is made available to any member upon request.

Charity information

Central Africa Refugee Link is a Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England No. 6218206 Charity Reg. No. 1109505.

Registered Office: Central Africa Refugee Link, 91 Hurst Road, Smethwick, Sandwell, West Midlands, B67 6LY, UK.

Tel/Fax: 0121 565 2612

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Care Link West Midlands was established  16th October 2004

We are not a grant making organization.